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Continental Partners With Russian/CIS Carriers

Thu Apr 20, 2000 1:11 am

Hopefully this means that one day I'll be able to get OnePass miles by flying on an IL-86!

From Reuters:

Russian Transaero in co-op deal with US, CIS carriers

MOSCOW, April 12 (Reuters) - Russian independent carrier
Transaero, U.S. Continental Airlines and three other
airlines from Russia and the CIS have signed a partnership deal
that unites a large part of their schedules across the globe.
Members of the partnership -- which also includes Kazakh
national carrier Air Kazakhstan and regional Russian carriers
Ural Airlines and Krasair -- announced the deal at a joint press
conference late on Tuesday.
The deal entails code-sharing on certain routes, including
on transatlantic flights operated by Continental Airlines, the
fifth largest carrier in the United States.
Transaero and Krasair have had a code-sharing agreement
since the autumn of 1998, but partnerships in recent years with
others including Aeroflot ended with no results.
The new arrangement lets the Russian and Kazakh carriers tap
into Continental's domestic schedule and offer tickets to 26
U.S. cities at lower cost to passengers than if they book
tickets separately for each leg of their journey.
Alexander Pleshchakov, chief executive of Transaero, said
the agreement opened new markets to all carriers involved and
that he hoped to see new members join the next year.
"But this is not an alliance. It is a partnership... one
which we hope will bring new opportunities to everyone
involved," he told journalists.
Other aspects of the deal include helping members raise the
quality of services offered to a uniform level and the
possibility of joint exploitation of aircraft at a later stage.
Yuri Guriev, Acting President of Air Kazakhstan, said his
company had already seen improvements after employees, including
senior management, cabin crews and flight crews, underwent
training sponsored by Transaero.
Transaero, once a major success story of post-Soviet Russia,
was hard hit by Russia's 1998 financial crash but has seen its
business steadily recover since then.
It reported turnover of 2.2 billion roubles ($77 million) in
1998 and operating profit of 126 million roubles.
($ = 28.55 roubles)
((Karl Emerick Hanuska, Moscow Newsroom, +7095 941-8520

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RE: Continental Partners With Russian/CIS Carriers

Sun Apr 23, 2000 2:58 am

A question for all forum members: Other than the above, are there any other U.S. airlines that have partnership agreements with Russian and/or CIS carriers?