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A Question About The 757-200

Fri Apr 21, 2000 9:46 am

When I was looking at NWA's seat maps, I noticed they had one for the 757R and N. They seem to be different in this way
One has 2 overing exits, one doesn't
Can you tell me some more differences between the two, and which one has the overwing exits? Also, your experiences on both of them?  
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RE: A Question About The 757-200

Fri Apr 21, 2000 10:08 am

The 757"N" has 4 overwing exits, while the 757"R" has 2 extra exits behind the wing. I prefer the 757R, because there's plenty of legroom if you get sat in the exit row at the rear around row 26/27 on the plan below. Also, the rear toilets on the 757R are actually located just behind the wing, in front of the emergency exit - on the 757N they're right at the back - a long walk of you're sat over the wing.
Plus, having centre toilets gives an exta "passing place" when you meet a trolley coming in the opposite direction!

Here's BA's plan of the 757"R" -the R is just a name given to it by NW
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RE: A Question About The 757-200

Fri Apr 21, 2000 4:09 pm

Recently I traveled with Icelandair's 757-200. From what I read in the last post, I realize that they were 757 "N's"
In this case the toilets are right in the back, and it is really a long way to go...
One other thing... One B-757 had big TV's above the aisle, nearly one TV every 6-7 rows, but in another plane of the same company, they were mini TV's below the overhead compartments, and those where every 3 rows.
I think the small ones where better... what do you think?