AA Astro/Retro Jet

Fri Apr 21, 2000 11:22 am

Is the American Airlines 757 painted in the Astro jet/Retro Jet still painted like that?
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RE: AA Astro/Retro Jet

Fri Apr 21, 2000 11:49 am

Yeah, I saw it last Saturday in Boston. If you remember what it looked like in the Airways Magazine that features it, it looks very tattered. I think it is good that they will be repainting it into regular colours, and replacing it with a new 737-823.

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Saw It Today At FLL

Fri Apr 21, 2000 12:22 pm

Funny you should ask!!!!!! I saw it about 5:00 p.m. today at Ft. Lauderdale!!! It was being pushed back to go (and Jet Blue's first A320 was holding waiting for it to pass). Hope this helps.
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RE: AA Astro/Retro Jet

Fri Apr 21, 2000 12:39 pm

yes it's still in service with the retro look and just for info the ship nbr is 5EL this not the reg nbr but AA nbr for the 757.