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CSR Assignments At Hubs

Thu Jun 16, 2005 4:34 am

I was thinking about this when I flew EWR-STT back in March...

At a large hub like CO at EWR, UA at ORD, DL at ATL, etc., how do CSR's get assigned between the ticket counter, the gates, baggage service, etc.? I would assume that everyone is cross-trained to do all the jobs, so do people rotate from day-to-day, weekly, monthly, or what? I would think that the ticket counter would get too crazy after a while and that the gates might be a little more peaceful.

For an airline with possibly hundreds of CSR's at an airport, how does this work? Also, for CSR's at the gate, do you get assigned certain flights to work or do you have a specific gate to cover? Can only certain CSR's do international departures, or can anyone?

What about those at the ticket counter? Do you rotate between international and domestic checkin. At EWR Terminal C, at least, they're on different floors. Do special agents get to work International J/F checkin?

I would love it if someone could answer this for me - I've never known how it works.
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RE: CSR Assignments At Hubs

Thu Jun 16, 2005 7:22 am

Well I hope I can help.

Work is bid yearly through Seniority. You can choose by shift and position (gates, lobby, clubs, baggage, international gate team or relief). Both the ticket counter and the gates can be crazy. Usually if the ticket counter was nuts so were the gates, but when I worked at the wouldn't catch me in baggage service on a bad weather day. Those of you who work at the airport know what I mean. Everyone is trained for their basic customer service sills and then their collateral (i.e. gates tickets and so on). Usualy to get on the International Departures you have to be language qualified. However they frequently run short of those so they back fill with relief people. There is a test and interview process to work in the clubs so you must pass that before you can bid one of those lines. As for the ticket counter everyone works all positions. With the exception of new hires. Once you complete basic customer service skills you work just checking in domestic passengers so you can get use to the system. Then its off to more complex training. Usually if you bid a position you aren't trained for you stay in your old position until there is a training course. As for gate agents. They are assigned one gate. They are responsible for any flight that might drop in (with the exception of international departures that is the duty of the intl team).

Its been a few years since I worked at the airport but I cannot imagine too much has changed since then.

Hope that answers all your Questions


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