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PTY Major Facelift.

Thu Jun 16, 2005 7:32 am

It seems Tocumen Airport (PTY) refurbish its 70's look with a major "surgical operation", which will give the terminal a new façade, more space and additional facilities by early 2006.

Quoting from www.focuspublicationsint.com

"Under the supervision of Tocumen S.A., the autonomous government entity that manages the facility, Tocumen Airport will undergo a three-step facelift with a cost of approximately US$70 million. The first phase of the work entails the construction of new satellites featuring modern, see-through tunnels, which are capable of adjusting to the size of each plane. The first two of the 21 new tunnels, each of which costs approximately US$250,000, are already in use."

Good. This airport seemed taken out from a 1970's movie. If it is to become a major Latin American hub (as I expect it to be), it needs not only a facelift and new airbridges, but a general expansion. I hope we can see this airport handling over 15M pax in the next ten years.
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RE: PTY Major Facelift.

Fri Jun 17, 2005 1:31 am

And with two runways...it has capacity for decades to come.
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RE: PTY Major Facelift.

Fri Jun 17, 2005 3:42 am

The sad news is that after that major expansion, when it comes to in-terminal gate availability, the then re-furbished terminal still be small for CM hub operation.
When the airport new (current) terminal was build, the developers had already left arrangements ready for futher expansion.. the expanded terminal was to have 2 other satellites (5 gate each) and 2 extra baggage carrousels.
That planned expansion never happened.

A fact that makes many panamanians angry is to see the superb airport at the former US Howard Air Force base abandoned, with no idea what is going to happen with it.
That airport is desperately looking for an airport operator, and if it gets one, I guess since TA has been for a while trying to establish something in Panamá thru their panamanian airline Aeroperlas Regional but has not been able to do anything because of CM, sure they wouldn't mind operating from Howard.
That airport could be used for AA, IB, TA, AV and the canadian/european charters.
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