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Midwest Airlines MKE-MSP Equip. Upgrade And Info

Thu Jun 16, 2005 7:46 am

To: All Midwest and Skyway Airlines Employees
Date: June 15, 2005
From: David Reeve and Jim Rankin
Subject: Milwaukee-Minneapolis Equipment Upgrade and Station Operation

On August 1, we will upgrade another Milwaukee-Minneapolis aircraft from
328JET regional jet to Boeing 717 aircraft. We will continue to offer five
daily roundtrips, with four of five on our 717 Signature Service.

Skyway has served Minneapolis with the Midwest Connect brand since March
2002, and it's been a strong market with good load factors. We're confident
that upgrading another daily roundtrip to our mainline carrier's larger
aircraft with two-by-two seating is a positive change for our passengers,
as well as an effective way to address today's competitive marketplace.

Given our additional 717 service, the operation of the Minneapolis station
will transition from Skyway Airlines to Midwest Airlines. Midwest is
currently reviewing various staffing plans to determine if the station will
be staffed by Midwest employees, or if the ticket counter and gate will be
staffed by our current Minneapolis ramp vendor or another airline. Thirteen
Skyway employees will be affected by the change. They are being offered
opportunities within the Skyway organization and we are working with other
vendors in Minneapolis to assist them with employment.

Schedules and fares for the service are now available in Sabre.

Thank you to the employees of both Midwest Airlines and Skyway Airlines,
who have and will continue to ensure that our Minneapolis service remains
an important part of our route system.