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Canadian's Repaint Into The Transitional Colours

Sun Apr 23, 2000 5:02 am

Hi all,

I don't understand why the only aircraft that currently display the Air Canada/Canadian transitional scheme (affectionately known as "Air Canadian") are lots of 737-200's, Dash 8-300's and a couple 767-300ERs. Why aren't the other fleet types like the 747-400, A320-200's and Fokker 28-1000's being repainted as well? I'd figure the A320's should be getting the new scheme because of their total compatibility with Air Canada's (CFM56-5A1's power all except 1 Canadian example) and therefore all are -211's with the 1 exception being a -212. Anyone know why such a wierd adoptation of the new scheme is taking place?

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RE: Canadian's Repaint Into The Transitional Colours

Sun Apr 23, 2000 6:30 am

It takes time to paint all those aircraft, for one thing. And some of those aircraft hadn't had the leases renegotiated, either, lease agreements have only been struck just recently for most of the 320's. There are still 3 737's and a few 767's which haven't been settled yet. They didn't want to paint anything until they knew they could keep it. Also, they are trying to coordinate the painting with heavy maintenance visits, so that part complicates it too.

The F28's may or may not get paint. If Canadian Regional is sold, they won't. The reason (I think) that some CRAL Dash8's were painted is because they were sold to AC and leased back to CRAL.

I believe all of CP's 320's are -211's. All of the the 320-212's in Canada are all registered to Skyservice and Canada3000 according to the Canadian Aircraft Register.
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RE: Canadian's Repaint Into The Transitional Colours

Sun Apr 23, 2000 6:31 am

It's because Air Canada has yet to come to an agreement with the leasing companies which own those CP airplanes. As soon as that happens then they will turn them into Air Canadian like all the others.
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