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Martinair MD-11 In CLT

Wed Jun 22, 2005 9:02 pm

On Tuesday, June 21st I saw a white MD-11 with a red tail fly overhead my house towards CLT. I checked online and it seems like there were 2 scheduled flights into CLT. One left Bogota and arrived here in Charlotte and the other left Amsterdam and arrived here in Charlotte, both around the same time.

Anyone know anything about these? I know they must be a chartered cargo flight but I have never seen them in CLT before.

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RE: Martinair MD-11 In CLT

Thu Jun 23, 2005 12:26 am

Its very possible that at least one if not both of those aircraft were destined for ATL yesterday and diverted to CLT due to ATL TSTMS. A broken line of Level 3 storms passed over the field yesterday afternoon and there were a number of diversions because of it.

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RE: Martinair MD-11 In CLT

Thu Jun 23, 2005 12:49 am


I lived in Charlotte in the late 90's, and used to walk my puppy around the fence near the USAirways maintenance facility, and their sim facility and happened upon one of Martinair DC10's parked near the hangar.

It happens every now and then, some strange bird shows up over there, not sure of the reasoning. Just an FYI.

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RE: Martinair MD-11 In CLT

Thu Jun 23, 2005 2:29 am

i was there yesterday at the airport and did manage to get some rotation shots from RWY cost me a ID check though but it was worth it...