Close calls over Newport

Sun Nov 08, 1998 1:28 pm

Hey I went for my flying lesson today. And we were talking about the flying over the beaches around john Wayne wich has lots of little planes playing over does not have an air to air frequency. Does anybody know why not? And does anybody fly over here alot and ever had a near miss? I was close to a Fed Ex MD-11 so we moved out of it's way. But not close anuff to be scared!
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RE: Close calls over Newport

Sun Nov 08, 1998 7:10 pm

I am not suprised this happens, Igo to Newport Beach alot. I live near Balboa Island (if you know where that is) and I see smallaircraft or helicopters flying around alot. Once in while a aircraft for Orange County-John Wayne airport flies over too.

I think this a problem all over Southern California or the Los Angels there is too many small airports with big airports. Long Beach airport isn't that far from John-Wayne. Everytime i go to work on I-405 i cross the flight path for the Orange County airport and i see small single engine aircraft flying by 737's or 757's all the time.

But Ithat is very scary to know most of them don't have radio's. I don't want a plane crashing on my house or near it.

But I think the aicraft don't have the air-to-air radio's is because they are ultra-light aircraft, but i am not sure.

The Orange County-John Wayne airport i think is one of the best in the country.

RE: Close calls over Newport

Mon Nov 09, 1998 3:46 am

We have radios to talk to tower but there is not a frequency over the water that we can advise other airplanes what we are doing and them the same to us. An ultralight is a plane that ways less then 254 pound empty and has no less then 5 gallons of fuel and cruises around 64mph. A 152 like I fly is around 1500 pounds empty has 26 gallons of fuel and cruise around 120. Another thing is that if you fly ultralights you do not need a lincense to operate them. You will see very few ultralights at John Wayne as you need a mode C transponder and a 2 way radio to fly in class C airspace. I do know were Balboa Island is my mother works at Fashion Island.