Mon Apr 24, 2000 2:05 am

I remember when Airbus announced the A340/A330 line that airlines here in America showed interest. Now, only US Airways (only airline is US) is buying one version of these aircraft. All I can find is negative comments about the Airbus A340/A330's. Why? Whats wrong with the A340/330 aircraft? Is it just that the 777 is a better aircraft? I like these airplanes....

RE: A340/A330's

Mon Apr 24, 2000 2:13 am

The current A340-200 & 300 series are underpowered with those CFM56s on them. European airlines like Air France are replacing their 767-300ERs with new A330s. Others have replaced their 747-200s like Olympic Airways of Greece with A340-300s. Many American and British airlines with Boeing fleets favor the 777 for their long range routes.
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RE: A340/A330's

Mon Apr 24, 2000 2:57 am

I'm afraid this post will unvoluntary start again a Airbus Vs Boeing contest...