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Pax Air Rage/Grd Rage

Sun Jun 26, 2005 7:15 pm

Last Fri Morning witnessed a delayed Spice jet Dep to Amd due Inop P1 side Windshield wiper motor.The Pax had to wait for 6 hrs due delay.Some Pax created a scene & manhandled the Spice Jet staff.The CISF [Airport security] had to be called in.
In other places Air Rage is taken very seriously,however In India.Air Rage & Especially Grd rage,if one can call it that way [When the Pax has not boardedthe flt] is very common during delayed flights.
Should not an Example be made of these Pax so that things get streamlined in future or is the LCC worried about spoiling its Image.

I think Safety always comes first.Some Pax dont understand that by Manhandling the Staff or Pilot will not solve the problem.

How is it at other places.
Also what is the typical LCC terms regarding Delay flights,do they provide Food & accomodation.I know it differs with different operators.Where is the terms & Conditions printed on the ticket.

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RE: Pax Air Rage/Grd Rage

Mon Jun 27, 2005 12:17 am

I think it is ridiculous when people choose to make fools of themselves by acting out in public. Here in the US, that is a good way to get kicked off a flight or arrested, especially if an employee has been harmed or threatened. It astounds me how many in the traveling public seem to lose all common sense upon entering the airport perimeter!
Unfortunately, delays do happen. The pax are not entitled to compensation because of a delay, but the airline will often provide food vouchers, headset/cocktail vouchers, etc., as a gesture of apology.