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More Qantas Troubles?

Mon Apr 24, 2000 8:33 am

I am in a hotel in Brisbane and had the radio on in the background while i was working on my laptop. The news came on and i thought i heard the first part of a news show. it sounded like they had said that QANTAS had 2 more "minor" problems on Easter? Could this possibly be true? If so where and what happened? But I hope and pray that I didnt hear what i thought i did. Anyone know anything about this?
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RE: More Qantas Troubles?

Mon Apr 24, 2000 6:26 pm

Hi there. The incident happend Saturday morning at Rome airport. If you scroll down on topics you will see that this have been posted some days ago. Here are some of the the info:

A Qantas Boeing 747 collapset at Rome int. airport today. The plane was taxing in 50kph when the right wheelsection broke down. One of the engine crashed with the runaway. All 303 passengers and the crew (19) evacuated the aircraft, and the plane was foamed since there was a fuel leek.
The plane was on its way to Bangkok and Melbourne.

This information is from the Norwegian television.
Anyone else having more information?

Qantas have already sent a expert team to look into the accident. The airline experienced another accident in September when a B747 slided of the runaway.

Qantas airliner bound for Sydney was forced to abort its departure from Rome airport on Saturday after a landing gear strut failed on the Boeing 747-300, the Australian airline said in a statement.

Qantas said all 303 passengers and 19 crew disembarked safely after the incident.

"The incident happened shortly after QF16 began taxiing out for takeoff for Sydney via Bangkok," the statement said.

Qantas said airport emergency teams sprayed foam around the area as a precautionary measure, while passengers and crew disembarked via stairs at the front of the airline.

Groundstaff in Rome were working through the night to accommodate passengers in hotels and rebook them onto forward flights, it said.

"Qantas is dispatching a team to Rome to assist local colleagues and to begin a comprehensive investigation," it said.

A spokeswoman said no other details were yet available.

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RE: More Qantas Troubles?

Mon Apr 24, 2000 6:43 pm

Something to remember is EVERY airline has minor problems everyday with it's aircraft. I'd say now that either somebody is leaking info out of Qantas itself to the press or the press are listening to Qantas Ops on their scanners and as usual are over sensationalising.
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RE: More Qantas Troubles?

Mon Apr 24, 2000 9:10 pm

I agree with Dnalor, but face it...this was not a minor problem!!?!
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RE: More Qantas Troubles?

Tue Apr 25, 2000 2:18 am

Yes I agree, but there are so many incidents world wide, for example, check out this British site http://www.open.gov.uk/aaib/bulletin.htm

I'm not defending Qantas, in some ways press coverage may perhaps instigate even better maintenance and or flying procedures.

In my opinion with limited facts, the undercarriage rarely fails on a 747 unless it's been really hammered at some time, now whether that's due to pilot error or an extreme unexpected cross wind landing or even wind shear during the flare, who knows, keep an eye out on the basi site as they post uptodate info on Australian aircraft investigations.
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Here's The Picture Of The Rome Accident

Thu Apr 27, 2000 6:45 pm

You may have already seen it but here it is anyway...


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