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QF Fleet Questions

Mon Jun 27, 2005 10:06 pm

I am perplexed by the following:
1. seems some of the 744s have 8 and some 6 rows of seats in the upper deck, yet QFs website says all the MEL-LAX and SYD-LAX flights have the new sleeper beds for J. The 8 rows upstairs planes seems according to their website to be 744ERs which presumably fly those long routes. So can you fit 8 rows of these new seats upstairs or not? is their website just out of date and all the 744s with the sleepers only capable of having 6 rows upstairs?
2. what is the MTOW of their A333s? I know they have upgraded the engines but their website still shows 212K MTOW.It also shows max range of 3800miles (? statute??) I thought they were flying those to HK, Shanghai etc, seems you wouldn't have enough range with such a low MTOW. CXs planes fly similar routes are A333X and have 230K MTOWs.