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Non Rev On Delta Flight Info

Thu Jun 30, 2005 9:30 am

My mom wants to Non Rev travel on Delta Airlines from PDX-DFW on July,2,2005. Could someone please check on the flights on that date and availibility. Thanks for all the help.....
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RE: Non Rev On Delta Flight Info

Thu Jun 30, 2005 9:57 am

Leneld-I just pulled up the "travel net" for your moms' flights choices. She can leave PDX at 6:30 AM on 7/2. #1549 to SLC arrives SLC @ 9:10 AM local time. Right now there is 12 FC and 5 C seats available and there are 5 nonrevs on that list. She would have a choice of two flights out of SLC. One would leave at 10:19 AM arriving DFW @ 1:55PM(flight #1543). On that flight there is 8 FC seats and 30 C available. with 16 nonrevs of which 8 are buddy passes. After that there is flight 1008 @ 1:08 arriving DFW @ 4:43 PM. Flight 1008 has 6 FC and 49 C available, with 11 non-revs listed of which 2 are buddy passes. The rest of the connections would have her going all over and the later in the day you go, the heavier the loads get. Good luck to her.