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Air Tattoo Advice On Attending/spotting

Mon Jul 04, 2005 8:47 pm


Can anyone advise me on the best locations to buy tickets for at Air Tattoo? Especially if I will bring my camera and tripod to take photos.

They offer a variety of locations including a complete package;

plse advise on LOCATION:
1. Jubilee Garden (bring your chair for sitting on grass)
2. Disc Wings Grandstand (birdseye view)
4. Park and view

6. What are the best days to go - FLY IN or the actual SHOW?

7. There is also a Mach2 and 3 package listed for a higher price - does this give access to all areas??

Very much appreciated !!!
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RE: Air Tattoo Advice On Attending/spotting

Mon Jul 04, 2005 9:59 pm

Get the 30£ ticket, don't bother with the grandstands and all that, as from what I could see last year they don't offer anything extra for the photographer. However, BE THERE EARLY! Bring a blanket or something to lay out near the fence and the hold your place. Here's a map of the showground:

As you can see almost the full length of the runway is available to you. I was near the middle last year which was good. Going closer to the thresh this year tho I think.

Its a public event, you can bring food, drink (bring lots of water!) and tripods, chairs to sit on, camera, you name it.

I haven't tried the park & view although I reckon it would be fun, cause you get the chance to catch all the statics in flight.
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