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How Airlines Lose Money?

Thu Jul 07, 2005 5:16 pm

One thing that really intrigues me abut aircraft. Does the sheer size and complexities of an engine really allow uncompromising accuracy on efficiency?

In a totally guestimated, over-generalised form, I kind of worked out (albeit, no doubt missing out on a few scheduled maintenance periods!) That if, say, one power plant on one aircraft, say a UA/BA/AA 777 running JFK to LHR, was burning just £1 per mile too much fuel, over a year period - could this really cost the company £1,300,000? (As I say, naively based on:- 3000miles per trip, 2 trips per day, 5 operating days a week, 4 weeks a month, 11 months a year. Allowing more than enough for maintenance and checks.)

Do power plants of this size really run that efficiently? What about a 4 pod a/c - the inefficiency costs would be crazy!?

Maybe this helps understand why some larger airlines struggle!!!


P.S I am not an expert so please refrain from insults!
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RE: How Airlines Lose Money?

Thu Jul 07, 2005 5:33 pm

I think you would find more help in getting your question answered by posting this in Tech/Ops.

Lots of knowledgable people over there that could probably give you more knowledge than I could!
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RE: How Airlines Lose Money?

Thu Jul 07, 2005 5:39 pm

No offence intended whatsoever, but I think that if this was as big as a problem as you make it i think they most likely would've figured that out right now. Not sure though, maybe we can get some expert input on this. I'm very impressed with your research though.  Smile
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RE: How Airlines Lose Money?

Thu Jul 07, 2005 5:44 pm

On behalf of zvezda,burnsie and lufthansa.....ual is the only carrier to lose money...all other us carriers are making cash but the steenlands and the arpeys are saying something else....after ual goes away they will in fact make cash..until then....nwa has to deal with a bunch of crazed flight attds and mechs.....that want to bring down the red bird....i unlike burnsie28 could really care if they go under as we will still have out flights to north dakota ehh....viva amfa and o.v. dellafemme who ever he or she is...........
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RE: How Airlines Lose Money?

Thu Jul 07, 2005 6:34 pm

If there was that big a difference in the performance of an engine a pilot would pick it up as soon as the trip was over; a plane might go one return trip or less with a problem like that but not a whole year.

Based on 767-300 figures for 2001 the fuel and oil costs per block hour were $2100.00; The price of fuel has doubled in the last few years, so you figure of 1 pound per mile is a little excessive.
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