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Low Altitude

Thu Apr 27, 2000 10:31 am

Today on the way home from school i noticed alot of airtraffic that was flying verylow, i live 50mi south of MDW and the planes were to low even for that airport is there any reason the FAA would have planes flying lower than on other days.

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RE: Low Altitude

Fri Apr 28, 2000 4:26 am

I went back and at the weather and surface winds for both MDW and ORD yesterday, and it appears that MDW was landing on either 04R or 31C. Accordingly, they'd be approaching MDW from the SW or SE, respectively, and thus be lower given your location south of MDW. Sorry I can't give you anything more specific, as your term "too low" can be subjective, or then again, maybe ATC actually had them lower. Hard to tell exactly what happened.


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