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Anybody Know Delta's L-1011 Schedule At Kbos?

Thu Apr 27, 2000 11:51 am

Does anyone know if Delta still flies L-1011s into BOS? I checked Delta's latest timetable, as of April 2, 2000, and it has listed 1 L10 flight, #566 ATL-BOS. I am interested in flying from ATL-BOS and back, but on delta's website (http://www.delta-air.com) it says that flight #566 is on a 767. can anyone help?!!??  

much thanks,
jonathan d.
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RE: Anybody Know Delta's L-1011 Schedule At Kbos?

Thu Apr 27, 2000 12:50 pm

#566 goes MSY-ATL-BOS, a 767-200. I think the one L10 that goes into BOS is a -500, although I could be wrong.

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RE: Anybody Know Delta's L-1011 Schedule At Kbos?

Thu Apr 27, 2000 1:20 pm

Yup, it is a -500. I see it there LATE at night, and early in the morning. I assume that it stays in Boston overnight.
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RE: Anybody Know Delta's L-1011 Schedule At Kbos?

Fri Apr 28, 2000 4:35 am

Get 'em while they're hot (or flying at all I suppose)... I was supposed to be on a Delta L-1011 (don't recall the flight number) on an ATL-MIA run last week (19 Apr). Even the night before we left, it was listed as an L-1011 from ATL-MIA, but when we arrived in ATL, we were switched (semihappily) to a 777.

I would have loved to see the L-1011 in action (since I've never flown one), but I had also never been on a 777, and that was a treat for sure.


RE: Jderden777

Fri Apr 28, 2000 4:44 am

Jderden777, I've actually seen the L-1011-500 come in at the time scheduled.

With regards to your question about Flt# 566 showing a 767, I just checked the web site and they show it as a L-1011-500.

Then the plane does a turn around and heads back to ATL as flight 597 departing BOS at 3:15pm.

Best bet would be to call Delta directly but I have seen the plane in question as I work right across the harbor from Logan International.

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