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Will An Airline Train To Fly An Engineer?

Mon Jul 18, 2005 11:16 am

I'm wondering if there is an airline or any company out there that would or need the services of a seasoned structural engineer (stress) and design (perhaps for repair and modification etc), and in return giving him/her pilot training?
Is this done and or possible to do?
Naturally, the pilot and a/c rating would be part of the renumeration. Has anyone ever heard of this before. I myself am a low time pilot (single engine 200 hrs), and have worked on many private and commercial aircraft (engineering).
I would like to earn a ATPL and fly commercially. I understand the competition and really I don't want to quit my stable engineering position to fly bush for the next few years. I figure I'm more valuable to a department if I could earn my wings with them while providing engineering support.
I would appreciate any input or advise anyone might have.. experiences welcome.. thanks