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Blanc Leaves Airbus In Management Shake-up

Thu Jul 21, 2005 2:46 am

Airbus, the European aircraft maker, on Tuesday confirmed that Gérard Blanc, one of the most experienced executives in the group, was leaving as part of the management shake-up triggered by changes at the top of EADS, the parent company.

Mr Blanc, 62, Airbus executive vice president for operations, was recently blocked in his bid to become chief executive of Airbus by opposition from DaimlerChrysler, the largest single shareholder in EADS.

How serious is the rift between the French and the German with regards to Airbus? Will this have any overall affect on the Airbus management in terms of their business philosophy? Will we see more German influence in the decision-making process given the differences between German and French mentalities?

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