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Asiana Pilots On Strike, Many Flights Cancelled

Sun Jul 24, 2005 9:24 pm

Asiana's unionized pilots have been on strike for about a week now, and things are not getting better at all..

July 25
Domestic Flights (Total 178, 82 operating, 96 cancelled)

- Cancelled Jeju Flights : 22

Gimpo-Jeju : 9 flights cancelled
(OZ8901, OZ8921, OZ8925, OZ8931, OZ8943, OZ8957, OZ8959, OZ8963, OZ8967)
Jeju-Gimpo : 8 flights cancelled
(OZ8968, OZ8902, OZ8924, OZ8932, OZ8956, OZ8958, OZ8964, OZ8950)
Busan-Jeju : 2 flights cancelled (OZ8105, OZ8109)
Jeju-Busan : 3 flights cancelled (OZ8104, OZ8110, OZ8112 )

- Flights operating normally (5 flights + All Jeju flights not listed above)

Busan-Gimpo : 1 flight operating (OZ8826)
Incheon-Busan : 1 flight operating (OZ8531)
Busan-Incheon : 2 flights operating (OZ8532,OZ8534)

- All other domestic flights cancelled (including domestic flights out of Gwangju, Mokpo, Yeosu, Ulsan etc.)

International flights (Total 112, 111 flights operating, 1 flight cancelled)

- Incheon-Sydney(OZ601) cancelled.
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