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Cost Of Jet Fuel?

Sun Apr 30, 2000 1:01 am

Airlines are allways raising the cost of tickets blaiming it on the increase of fuel costs. What is the price per gallon for jet fuel?
aaron atp
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A Lot

Sun Apr 30, 2000 2:52 am

at the KaiserAir jet terminal at OAK on thursday, jet A was $2.63 a gallon.

Of course the Air carriers by fuel in bulk, but I can't give you those prices. Hell, ATL has a pipeline all the way from Lousiana.

100LL was $2.32 last time I looked...

RE: Cost Of Jet Fuel?

Sun Apr 30, 2000 4:40 am

Some of the larger carriers are also able to stockpile fuel reserves when prices are low. Recent prices I've heard are $ .79 to the above mentioned $2.63 USD.