Pilots Salaries $$

Sun Apr 30, 2000 12:24 pm

I wanna know how much is the salary of an airline transport pilot ?

Thanks in advance
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RE: Pilots Salaries $$

Sun Apr 30, 2000 12:32 pm

At a major airline I believe that post probation salaries start at around 40k and some United 747 captains make as much as $270,000. At the regionals I believe the lowest salary is around $25,000, which seems like kind of a slap in the face considering someone with no education can make that out of high school. A corporate pilot can make anywhere from $25,000 to $150,000 depending on seniority and experience. Please correct me if I have come up erroneous figures, I got these from a pilot career book written by Rob Mark. Thanks,

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Why The Large Range?

Sun Apr 30, 2000 12:47 pm

I'm just wondering, after reading Ben's post above, and also with regard to what I've heard similarly in the past: Why is there such a huge--apparently tenfold--difference between starting wage and that of a top-earner? Is experience that much of a factor, or are salaries commensurate with the level of one's training? I really don't know, but the latter point seems to make a lot of sense. Also, I agree that a $25K starting wage seems awfully low given a pilot's responsibility and required skill.

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RE: Pilots Salaries $$

Sun Apr 30, 2000 1:49 pm

Concerning the discrepancy between the regionals and the majors, it's hard to say. There is an economic theory that blames it on the unions monopoly of a skilled labor force. The expected result is a unusually low wage scale for the non-union labor and an exceptional rate for the unionized work force. I've seen some very qualified and experienced test/engineering pilots (for major airlines) earning one third the wage of a top seniorty line pilot on senior equipment. This may spark some discussion amongst the professional pilots in this forum.
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RE: Pilots Salaries $$

Sun Apr 30, 2000 4:28 pm

I think most if not all of us "professionals" aren't gonna talk about what we are paid.

Certainly supply & demand help set the rates and the supply of fully qualified and type rated Captains is much smaller than commercial multi-engine co-pilots. Tighter supply = higher price.

Unions monopoly of a skilled labor force theory is just that.... a theory. In reality ALPA has been unable to keep pilot salaries in line with inflation since the dawn of deregulation.

1. An airline pilot is nothing more than a glorified bus driver. True. I know what I am and pulling to the side of the road when things break is just a wee bit tougher than for a bus driver.

2. I earn my salary once a trip.
I earn my annual salary once a month.
I earn everybody's annual salary once a year.

Just some things to think about.  

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777 Pilots

Sun Apr 30, 2000 9:31 pm

I heard somewhere that 777 pilots get paid close to $300,000 a year! Can someone tell me if this is true cuz if so, that is an OCEANLOAD of money! WOW!

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RE: 777 Pilots

Sun Apr 30, 2000 11:49 pm

Delta Air Lines 777 Pilots are getting paid around $250,000-$265,000. That is the highest in the industry for the 777.
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This Link Will Help

Mon May 01, 2000 12:18 am

This will show UPS's compensation package there are also more items on the site.