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Mon May 01, 2000 3:14 am

Can anyone tell me something about aviation in Chile? I´m especially looki g on LAN Chile´s BAe146, when they were flown and how many they operated. Other info about carriers in Chile like Avant and their fleet plans are most welcome, too.

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RE: Chile

Mon May 01, 2000 5:52 am

Lan Chile used to operate two Bae 146 on domestic routes in early 1990´s, mainly on the southern part of Chile like Temuco, Puerto Montt, etc. One of them suffered a serious incident in Puerto Williams carrying American tourist about to board a cruise to the Chilean fiords, but don´t remember which year it was. The aircraft were returned apparently due to high maintenance costs and Lan´s decision to concentrate on B737´s.

Avant: on an interview with its president on Avion Revue magazine, he told the airline is closely analysing to replace their B737-200 (they operate 8 plus one 727-200) with B737-700´s.