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Security And Number Of Engines

Mon May 01, 2000 5:18 am

OK guys, I am kinda tired of the discussion on 2 or 4 engines and the security issues that it raises. I flew a lot of times over the Atlantic on 2 engine aircrafts without any second thoughts.
For me, in theory, the 3 engine design appears to be the safest. I may be wrong.
I know that the 3 engine concept is being put aside for efficiency reasons but what about its security... Please no discussion on the safety records of the DC10, MD11 and L-1011. I am looking for a theoretical answer.
The floor is open to the discussion
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RE: Security And Number Of Engines

Mon May 01, 2000 6:08 am

Considering the success of ETOPS, I don't see the point why aeronautical firms would build new three engines
planes when they can save money with two reactors.
Two engines planes are maybe the result of economical
reasons (fuel and spares) and the progress of ETOPS
for long-range aircrafts.....

On how many engines an A340 / B747-400 can fly
without serious problems ?? 1, 2 or 3 ??