Movies On Regional Jets?

Mon May 01, 2000 7:53 am

Noting that flights operated by regional jets can now be operated for up to 4-hour flights nonstop, should there be any provision for in-flight entertainment? I think if TV monitors were placed on the ceiling, it will do because the ceilings are not as tall as say, the B757, and one has the 2x2 config. on the CRJ and the 1x2 config. on the Fairchild and Embraer and it will not hamper the passenger's ability to view the monitor.
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RE: Movies On Regional Jets?

Mon May 01, 2000 7:58 am

Whatever happened to reading a book? Are people really THAT unresourceful as far as keeping themselves occupied for that short of an amount of time? I flew from Des Moines all the way to Jakarta, Indonesia, and although the Garuda flight from HNL to Jakarta was over 16 hours, and they provided several movies, I don't think I watched a whole movie!
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RE: Movies On Regional Jets?

Mon May 01, 2000 8:20 am

That was not my point; besides, I hate reading novels. I have to do enough reading at my job to last me a lifetime. I rather take a couple of pills and fall asleep at a last resort.

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RE: Movies On Regional Jets?

Mon May 01, 2000 8:30 am

Cwapilot---  I completely agree!

FirstClass!---I really doubt there is room in the ceiling of an RJ for a TV monitor. Even using those glamourous LCD jobbies on the latest Airbus and Boeing would take up a lot of space and defeat the original purpose of the RJ. (Fast in, fast out).

Compared to the props they are replacing, RJ's are already a step up.
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RE: Movies On Regional Jets?

Mon May 01, 2000 8:33 am

A trip I took to Edinburgh 9 months ago, the flights from Boston to London and London and Boston the movies were My Favorite Martian and Entrapment, respectively. I watched neither! I listened to my Discman on the way over, and read the Richard Branson book, and talked to my seat neighbour on the way home. And my last trip to London I Litened to my Discman, and relaxed. On the way home I watched maybe 2-30 min of a movie, then a fell asleep. And 2 years ago, I was on an AA 757 for a 4 1/2 hour SJU-ORD flight, and I never even put my headphones on. Semi-related was a Lufthansa 747 from BOS-FRA, The Avengers was the movie, and even though I wasn't thrilled to watch it, it turned out I couldn as I was in front of the main screen, and the tiny LCD screen I has was terrible. I couldn't even see the screen, all I could see was white. I no longer even see the point of watching movies in flight, when there is so much else to do.

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