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Official Numbers Of KL 777&330 Orders!

Tue Aug 02, 2005 11:38 pm

I know there's been some confusion on the number of additional
B-772ER and A332 that have been ordered by KLM.
Browsing through our crew website I ran across a PDF format
with the complete fleet of KLM.
On top of the initial order for ten B772ER, four more have been placed.

PH-BQL serial number:34711 delivery date: jan 06
PH-BQM serial number:34712 delivery date: mar 06
these two are on order with Boeing

PH-BQN serial number:32720 delivery date: may 06
PH-BQO serial number:32721 delivery date: mar 07
these two are on order with ILFC

On top of the initial order for six A-332, two more have been placed

PH-AOG delivery feb 07
PH-AOH delivery mar 07

no serial numbers given
both on order with ILFC

That's it no more, no less.
Probably a lot of you already knew this, but this is official info to clear all assumptions out of the way