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Anyone Have Good Historical Info On LBB?

Thu Aug 04, 2005 8:07 am

Just curious to see if anyone can help me out with some historical info on air service in Lubbock, Texas.

I know the "new" terminal there was built in the late 70s/early 80s. It closely resembles DFW's architecture, and has 9 gates.

As of now, only three carriers serve LBB: AA Eagle (to DFW), CO Express (to IAH), and WN (to DAL, AUS, ELP, ABQ, and LAS). DL connection pulled out after de-hubbing DFW.

So, out of curiosity, how many of the 9 gates are still in regular use? I would be surprised if more than 5 were open. Was there ever a time when all 9 were in service? What other airlines have served LBB, and where did they fly?

Any additional information would be appreciated. Thanks.
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RE: Anyone Have Good Historical Info On LBB?

Thu Aug 04, 2005 8:57 am


I've always thought the LBB terminal was oversized for the market. It opened in 1976 and was expanded (two more gates and another baggage claim area) in the mid-1980s.

I flew through LBB in 1991 and remember the place seeming quite busy. Southwest had at least two gates, Delta had one, American had at least one, Continental had one, United Express had one and America West had one (back then they flew in 737s from PHX.)

Nowadays HP and DL are gone, and only Southwest flies mainline to Lubbock. I last flew through LBB in 2002, and it seemed much quieter - Southwest had 2-3 gates and American, Continental and Delta had one each. The rest of the gates had been pulled parallel to the terminal building and were blocked by ramp equipment. Now Delta is gone, and Southwest has reduced frequencies on several routes, so the place must be even quieter.
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RE: Anyone Have Good Historical Info On LBB?

Thu Aug 04, 2005 10:42 am

Try this below link for some good history.

After deregulation, AA flew mainline flights from DFW. Eventually they were replace by Eagle ATRs and Saabs. Prior to 9/11, Eagle had 11 daily flights in each direction making LBB a top 10 airport in terms of daily flights, across Eagle's entire system. After 9/11 that number was reduced to 6. Then came the RJs and the frequency has once again climbed.

I flew through LBB on a CO DC-9 from ELP-LBB-DFW back in the mid-70's, just after the new terminal had opened.