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VIH Getting Another S61!

Sun Aug 14, 2005 10:24 am

Just had a Schreiner Northsea S61 pass thru YKA enroute to YVR. This heli is being ferried from Holland and in Schreiners full c/s. Unfortunately no camera at work today, so hopefully some of you YVR Spotters catch it!
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RE: VIH Getting Another S61!

Sun Aug 14, 2005 10:53 am

My lord, that would be a long Ferry Flight. Thats like the Cessna delivery flights to Asia...would really home for an A/P on those ones.
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RE: VIH Getting Another S61!

Sun Aug 14, 2005 2:36 pm

While we're on the topic of helicopters, especially S-61's. Has anyone heard of the newly proposed helicopter airline based out of Victoria named Executive Transport Airways? Apparently, it will be a subsidiary of the Coulson Group of Companies which specialises in heli-logging. I heard a rumour today at the Abbotsford Airshow that they plan to offer $100 one way flights to travel between Victoria and Whistler. That's cheaper than flying Helijet to Vancouver! Does anyone else have any further information?

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