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SAS Booking Oddities

Wed Aug 17, 2005 5:34 am

I will be going to London and Oslo for my spring break and just booked the ticket, no thanks to SAS. They have the most bizzarre booking process. Can anyone explain why it is the way it is the lowdown:

I was looking at a IAD-LHR/STN-TRF-CPH-IAD itinerary

1. SAS's website cannot book or look-up multi-city legs anymore. Why?

2. I called SAS and they cannot book outbound direct flights from IAD to LHR on United despite it being a Star Alliance member. They said it was't possible due to a difference between website and call center rules. The agent also couldn't explain why Wideroe doesn't have this problem nor was he really aware of Wideroe's existence.

3. Wideroe's website (uses Apollo) on the other hand, easily found the itinerary outbound on United (UA 918) to LHR, and then back from TRF (Wideroe metal) to CPH and then IAD (on SAS metal). I will fly Ryanair from Stansted to TRF Torp/Sandefjord. Wideroe also was only charging $505 (once converted) including all tax for this whole journey. Why the heck couldn't SAS phone reservations simply have done this!?

4. As an aside, I was amazed to see that within 30 seconds, my itinerary was showing up on my profile on UAL's website. Also, no US travel site could book it electronically, all said I needed paper for the return leg. Not so with Wideroe. Usually I have to call to have flights not booked by United, but this one showed right up with the correct seats.

Can anyone shed some light on this? Or is just another crazy facet of aviation life...
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RE: SAS Booking Oddities

Wed Aug 17, 2005 7:17 am


I have the same experience that you just had with the SAS website and their call center. They are nice to talk to, and they usually find some good prices if you only go roundtrip.

Wideroe is a airline own by SAS, so its strange that they have such a good online product. They also work as a online agent, I have manytimes booked flight with other carriers that are not in Star Alliance.

Hope you have a good time in Norway.

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RE: SAS Booking Oddities

Wed Aug 17, 2005 1:12 pm

Glad to hear someone bring this up. I have tried on many different occasions to book flights through the SAS United States site and have never ever been able to:

A) Get the thing to work. (It usually just stops loading after a certain amount of time. The way you have to hit the "enter" arrow button after every single entry is maddening).

B) Gotten a price that wasn't laughably outrageous. (I can always get a better price simply by calling the SAS reservation number).

C) Gotten a true read on ALL the flights offered -- especially when connecting with a different carrier.

I keep hoping that they will change/upgrade their site, but they haven't for over 4 years. It's time they invest in making their process easier and pull from a deeper source of flights.

Does anyone know if the Star Alliance has control over making their members comply to a certain level of website standards?