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Worth Reading: Present PFAA/AMFA Contracts At NWA

Thu Aug 18, 2005 6:28 am

F/A Contract:

Mech Contract:

One thing I found interesting was that the PFAA agreement, while it does not have a "sympathy strike" clause (doesn't have a clause either expressly forbidding or expressly allowing sympathy strikes), does have a clause BANNING Northwest from using scabs on all Northwest flights EXCEPT for non-US citizens, and then only on flights to or from cities that are south and west of the northeasternmost point in Japan, east of 90-degrees East longitude, and north of 10-degrees South lattitude.
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RE: Worth Reading: Present PFAA/AMFA Contracts At NWA

Thu Aug 18, 2005 8:14 am

That PFAA contract is ridiculous!!! They have to be the most over compensated employees at NWA right now. Really, NWA could easily allow them to go on strike and replace every last one of them. Most of them would be back at work within a few weeks anyway. I think starting a flight attendant at $16.50 per flt hr. and topping at year 15 at $32.50 is more than fair, and I doubt NWA would have a hard time finding good people to be flight attendants. I was actually surprised to see they max their flight time out at only 80 hours a month and can bid as low as 67!!! That is way out of line with the more competitive airlines like AirTran. That flight hour minimum needs to be raised to 85 and they should be allowed to fly up to 120. I also think the flight crew should only be paid for actual flight and not projected time, I think NWA could save alot of money this way and also only paying for flight would save alot of flight hour pay while sitting on the ground waiting for gates. Also Pattern guarantee is something from a bygone era. You should only get paid if you do the work.

Other cost saving ideas would to double the flight attendants up on hotel rooms on layovers that are less than 8 hours, extend the duty day to 16 hours on with 9 hours of actual flight, and shorten layovers down to 8 hours block to block. Other things that American did besides shorten layovers was eliminate crew meals.

I also see they get an over-ride for loads higher than apx 60% called short crew comp. But I think that can easily go, they aren't serving meals any longer either.

Really, NWA should not have too much of a problem with the flight attendants, it looks like they have alot to bargin with. I'm actually surprised NWA is only asking them for 146 million with as much fat as they have on that contract.