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How Common Is It To Fly Jumpseat?

Thu Aug 18, 2005 6:21 pm


I was wondering how common is it to fly jumpseat today as a regular passenger ?

I have asked many times but they keep bringing up 9/11.

Although I met the Capitan on flight AZ537 on the airport in Belgrade and asked him and he told me no problem. So I flew jupmseat for the whole flight. The flight was from BEG-MXP, aircraft ERJ145.

That was the best day in my life, I took pictures and recorded the landing!
The Capitan did actually tilt the plane so I could se some things on the ground, for example Venice and the formula one racing track in Milano.
Also the Capitan said that this landing was special because we had to land on 17L and the last time that runway was used was 3 years ago, al this because of the wind.

I know this is very rare now a days but I want to thank the crew on flight AZ537 for the amazing experience.

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RE: How Common Is It To Fly Jumpseat?

Thu Aug 18, 2005 6:38 pm

It is a security issue these days isnt it. I know it is for the best and for everyones safety but I had a few landings and one whole flight (from germany to heathrow) as a teenager on BA and yes they were truly amazing and I feel so lucky to have experienced that.

I was lucky because my dad worked for BA so this always helped, plus the full flight I had was on my birthday. The pilots were so friendly, I listened to air traffic control etc and had a fab time!!

Just wish I could give the gift of something like that to one of my boys who would adore that!
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RE: How Common Is It To Fly Jumpseat?

Fri Aug 19, 2005 12:14 am

A few years ago... I was a handling staff back then... Flew from AYT to IST in the cocpit and my fear of flight doubled since then  Smile Landing was scary... It was a charter flight and I knew the crew so it was not a problem but I've heard TK is strict about jumpseats...
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RE: How Common Is It To Fly Jumpseat?

Fri Aug 19, 2005 12:19 am

My last jumpseat flight was in June when I flew back home from the Paris Air Show. When I boarded the plane the crew saw my press ID for the show and they asked if I liked the show, we had a short chat about aviation and I told them that I already flew twice on the jumpseat on AF flights, then the captain said: "Feel free to join us in the cockpit for the third time".   

I was even more lucky because the plane was an A 320-100. Now I flew on the cockpit jumpseat of every aircraft type of the A 32X series!


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