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Transfer CVR/FDR Data Over Satellite?

Thu Aug 18, 2005 11:44 pm

Well, apparently I'm in some kind of a thread-starter mood today...

Just wondering, since in all the latest crashes the CVR/FDR had been damaged to certain extents and pax are already able to surf the internet on some flights:

Why isn't the CVR/FDR data wirelessly transferred to some kind of central location to provide a second source of information on aircraft mishaps?

Anything speaking against it, apart from the costs?

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RE: Transfer CVR/FDR Data Over Satellite?

Fri Aug 19, 2005 12:56 am

I think it is a brilliant idea.

And how expensive would it be, really?

All we are talking about is voice data....high quality recordings not required (as is for say music-requiring two channel separation-voice:monaural, less space)

Data transmission conduits exist. Question remains however; could an existing system be able to cope with the recording of the thousands of simultaneous flights?
Many functions such as navigation are being transferred to space-based servers...GPS and the like.
So why not this?
I am thinking that to efficiently handle the world's aircraft activity, a dedicated satellite is needed, and therein, is the cost obstacle, billions of dollars/ all the necessary research and development costs.

Data Storage would be short term, since if the aircraft lands securely, that data is technically not required, and thus it's space can be re-used for subsequent flights.

So yes, in the beginninig, it could be potentially very expensive; necessary?
Is it better to remain in the dark? Or to have reliable data with which future accidents might be prevented?

It can happen, but the question is, does the world airline cartel want it to happen?
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