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Thu May 04, 2000 11:08 pm

The fact that SR will take 85% in SN is good for both. SN will be able to grow, as being the second most important member of the Qualiflyer Group (certainly in Europe) and being able to grow its hub at BRU. IF SR decides however to have KLM as a partner, it will certainly be the case that Schiphol will become a very important hub, together with Zurich, and not BRU. Who thinks this is the case and that this is going to happen? Should SN fear the move of KLM to SR and will those two join in a sort of alliance?
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Fri May 05, 2000 2:40 am

Although very unlikely, I believe that a link up between SR and KL shouldn't be ruled out. If the AZ/KL deal falls out definitely (AZ still owes KL 100 million Euro's and I don't know how AZ will ever be able to repay KLM) a link up between KL and SR is (from a KLM perspective) the more likely to happen than a link up with AF (KLM has once said that they would never cooperate with a inefficient airline) or LH to big already. Only BA is still a possibility (never rule out a Anglo-Dutch connection).

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Fri May 05, 2000 4:28 am


personnaly I think a link up between SR and KLM is quite unlikely. SR and KLM are both the same kinds of airlines. KLM and SR both have a small home market and have very big intercontinental networks and both rely on transfer passengers rather than on travellers from their home markets. That's why a link between these two airlines is unlikely also SN has its hub in Brussel, which is far too close to Amsterdam and thereby SN would be the smallest airline then and would not get as much traffic which would make the airline unprofitable. I don't think SR wants that to happen with a 85% stake in SN.

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Fri May 05, 2000 9:26 pm

I don't think either that this alliance will happen. SN and Brussels is one problem. An other is the U.S. partner. I can't imagine that SR gives up AA in favour of Northwest. But KLM is definitly the more interesting partner for SR than Alitalia would be. In Alitalia is SR not interested at all.