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Major TWA Expansion At LAX

Fri May 05, 2000 2:56 am

I'd like to get your comments on this. I don't know what to make of it; there's already so much competition on most of these routes, although DCA has a potential.

TWA Expands Service at Los Angeles International Airport Airline Offers More
Flights to St. Louis, New York (JFK), and Hawaii; Proposes New Service to
Washington, D.C.

LOS ANGELES, May 4, 2000 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Trans World Airlines, Inc.
(Amex: TWA), is expanding service to and from Los Angeles International Airport.
The buildup includes an additional non-stop flight between LA and New York City
(JFK), three proposed non-stop flights per day between LA and Ronald Reagan
Washington National Airport in Washington, D.C., and proposed regional airline
flights connecting LA and five surrounding communities. These new flights
complement recently added non-stop service between Los Angeles and Kona, Hawaii, and between Los Angeles and San Juan, Puerto Rico, and an expanded Los Angeles to St. Louis schedule.


The next stop in TWA's Los Angeles buildup plan is to expand its non-stop
transcontinental schedule between Los Angeles International Airport and John F.
Kennedy International Airport in New York City. A new flight will begin service
on July 8th bringing the total number of TWA LA-JFK flights to four roundtrip
fights per day. TWA will operate this service with Boeing 757 aircraft.

"The new eastbound service -- which departs LA at 3:40 p.m. -- fills a time
channel that is very important to our business travelers and greatly increases
the overall utility of TWA's trans-continental schedule," said Jack Stelzer,
TWA's senior vice president of planning. "TWA was the first airline to offer
trans-continental service in the Los Angeles - New York market. In 1929, TWA
launched trans-continental air/rail service on a route designed by Charles A.
Lindbergh. A little over a year later TWA began transcontinental air service
linking Los Angeles and New York. TWA launched non-stop transcontinental service
in 1953."


TWA will tomorrow request that the U.S. Department of Transportation grant TWA
six beyond-perimeter Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) exemption
slots, for three daily round-trip non-stop flights between DCA and Los Angeles.
TWA plans to use 180 seat Boeing 757 aircraft, configured with 22 first class
seats. TWA plans to space the flights thoughout the day to provide convenient
arrival and departure times to both leisure and business travelers in both
Washington and Los Angeles.

"This is a great chance for the Department of Transportation to ensure greater
competition in the Washington - Los Angeles market," said Norma Kaehler, TWA's
vice president - government affairs. "Right now only two airlines control that
market. Granting TWA these slots will give LA and Washington passengers new
choices, access to TWA's proven quality service, and all of the economic
benefits of vigorous airline competition."

"TWA has much to offer the business and leisure travelers in this market,"
Kaehler said. "TWA is the on-time airline -- holding the number one position in
on-time performance for ten out the past thirteen months according to statistics
reported to the DOT."


TWA has also recently enhanced service to and from Los Angeles. On May 1st, TWA
inaugurated non-stop service between Los Angeles and Kona, Hawaii, and last
November 1st TWA inaugurated the only non-stop in the market between Los Angeles
and San Juan, Puerto Rico. TWA will also add a daily roundtrip flight between
Los Angeles and its St. Louis hub, bringing the total number of roundtrips on
weekdays in that market to eight per day, and giving Los Angeles passengers
one-stop access to dozens of cities beyond the hub.


To support expanded transcontinental and Hawaii flying, TWA also plans to build
a regional feed system in California, thus providing new network benefits to the
market. TWA intends to partner with a regional carrier to bring convenient
one-stop service to Washington, New York, St. Louis, Kona, and San Juan to five
California cities: San Luis Obispo, Bakersfield, Monterey, Santa Barbara, and
Palm Springs.
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RE: Major TWA Expansion At LAX

Fri May 05, 2000 3:52 am

Good news for TWA. Any idea who will provide the commuter service at LAX for them?

RE: Major TWA Expansion At LAX

Fri May 05, 2000 4:03 am

>>>Any idea who will provide the commuter service at LAX for them?<<<

Could it be America West (AWA) and not a prop/RJ operator?
If not AWA mainline my guess is Mesa Airlines.

AWA/Mesa currently serve Bakersfield, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and PSP with flights to PHX. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to shift these to LAX.

A LAX focus city is awfully gutsy but as always...go big red!
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RE: Major TWA Expansion At LAX

Fri May 05, 2000 4:13 am

WOW. Didn't see that coming. With all the discussions about potential focus cities in this forum lately, I don't think anyone pegged LAX. I don't know about LAX-JFK, but I think their other routes are very smart. AA just announced LAX-STL flights, so TW is protecting its home turf with the additional LAX-STL flight. TW is the only LAX-SJU flight, and I think the only LAX-Kona flight. Seems like there's plenty of room in the LAX-DC market, and it also looks like they're carefully timing and marketing both the LAX-DCA and LAX-JFK service to attract business clientele. Economically, I believe there's generally higher yields on transcontinental flights, so three cheers for TWA!
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RE: Major TWA Expansion At LAX

Fri May 05, 2000 5:51 am

TWFirst: Actually TW and UA both operate daily nonstop LAX-Kona flights. Both airlines use the 757-200. In addition, Hawaiian operates three days a week a LAX-Maui-Kona direct flight - the DC-10-30 then returns to LAX nonstop from Kona.
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RE: Major TWA Expansion At LAX

Fri May 05, 2000 6:11 am

Thanks Hawaiian717. Wasn't sure if there was another carrier on that route. I hope TWA does well against UA.
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No, No And No

Fri May 05, 2000 6:30 am

The LAX focus city operation brings me back to wonder if TWA truely has a death wish. I wonder if Compton is just throwing focus cities(in major cities, mind you) just to make TWA appear a "big airline" rather than taking economics and competition into consideration. Let's also remember that TWA hasn't made a profit in like, what, oh I forgot. Can we slow the horses down just a bit Compton?

BTW I find TWA a fine airline. I am not wrongly criticizing the airline in any way whatsoever.

RE: FirstClass!

Fri May 05, 2000 6:36 am

TWA are hardly in a position to be taking chances. If they chose LAX for a focus city, I'm sure there was plenty of good reasoning and economics behind it.
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RE: FirstClass!

Fri May 05, 2000 12:07 pm

TWA definitely has some guts!

First of all, I question how TWA will be able to compete in the ultra-competitive LAX-JFK market. UAL and AA already have flights just about every hour on the route, and Delta isn't to far behind. Combine it with Continental's Newark service, and it seems like the route could be reaching saturation!

I think the DCA proposed service is a direct jab at American Airlines, who I believe was angling for the non-stop DCA-LAX route. AA already announced new non-stop LAX-STL service, as somebody mentioned. Of course, the AA service was probably in response to TWA's encroachment on San Juan... A new TWA-AA rivalry???

The route to Kona could be pretty successful. Not much competition (although UAL can be a fierce competitor) and it is a growing tourist destination. (maybe not good to get the high-fare business traveller).

Oh well! Any new service to LAX is good service in my book!!!  


Fri May 05, 2000 12:40 pm

I would hardly call this MAJOR expansion at LAX... now, American and United at LAX, I would call THAT major expansion... adding a few more flights and feeder service doesn't really count.
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RE: Major TWA Expansion At LAX

Fri May 05, 2000 1:22 pm

Well I was suprised by this as well. And for TWA this is a major expansion, assuming they get the DCA route. This ups them to 17 daily departures, if my math is right. Which is still not very big. By comparision AWA operates 27 daily flights, 15 to PHX, 11 to LAS, 1 to CMH. But this expansion still is fairly large comparing it to the previous numbers... up by 5 daily departures, 7 if you count the recently added SJU and KOA flights. But with TWA being a small airline, 190 or so aircraft fleet all they can afford is something in the 15-30 daily departure range. I see it as a nice step to an airline trying to get restarted.
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RE: Major TWA Expansion At LAX

Fri May 05, 2000 1:38 pm

Allowing non-stop LAX-DCA flights is opening a big can of worms, and I'm sure that the FAA or whoever will fully investigate that one. A decision allowing that would start a lot of other conversations regarding the perimeter rule at DCA, and would make the Legend/DAL/AA fight seem like a walk in the park.

BTW, Trans States Airlines used to do a TWExpress feed at LAX in the mid 80's. At the time, they served such thriving metropolises as Palmdale, Inyokern, Oxnard, etc. They used Twin Otters.

Tom in NO (at MSY)
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RE: Major TWA Expansion At LAX

Fri May 05, 2000 1:46 pm

Allowing the expansion of the operating perimeter at DCA is inevitable. There is too much pressure from the airlines, and there are not enough good reasons NOT to expand.

I can now fly to LUV from LAX, why shouldn't I be able to fly to DCA?

Anyway, it would be interesting to see TWA get the route. Do they currently have service to DCA from STL? ( I thought the new DCA service was going to new DCA carriers)
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RE: Major TWA Expansion At LAX

Thu Jul 06, 2000 1:03 pm

TWA got 1RT daily DCA-LAX and it begins Sept. 10. Chautauqua begins service Sep 10 to AT LEAST the 5 markets mentioned but possibly MORE!

TWA will have 40 daily departures OR MORE a day at LAX Sept 10!
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LAX-JFK Very Busy Route?

Thu Jul 06, 2000 1:11 pm

Whoever said that the Los Angeles-New York City route is reaching saturation point doesn't know that this is the busiest transcon flight route in the USA. I mean, AA, UA, DL and CO can barely keep up with the demand even with using larger widebody planes. I'm sure that passengers will welcome additional capacity for LAX-JFK operations that TWA will provide.

RE: Major TWA Expansion At LAX

Thu Jul 06, 2000 1:14 pm

I think the expansion is good for TWA. These small domestic expansions may someday lead to a great international TWA!

RE: Major TWA Expansion At LAX

Thu Jul 06, 2000 1:22 pm

I think that TWA's positioning some flights to LAX so that they might start trans-pacific flights in several years. I know it is a little shaky, but it makes some sense.
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Minor TWA Expansion At LAX

Thu Jul 06, 2000 1:29 pm

So, after the expansion, will anything really change? TWA will still only need 3, 4 gates at the most out of LAX, (assuming Chatacqua locates at T1) and the Chatacqua (sp?) addition only compensates for the loss of Trans States as a TWA feeder into LAX. TWA is just becoming adequate at LAX. Most other major US airlines already have this level of service at LAX. TWA should have examined codesharing with another regional airline (AA Eagle/UA Express) as other airlines do at LAX instead of bringing in a new feeder airline, as it has relatively few flights to justify several RJ departures.

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RE: Major TWA Expansion At LAX

Thu Jul 06, 2000 1:36 pm

And why on god's green earth would Chautauqua locate at T1 instead of T-3? I don't think so!
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RE: Major TWA Expansion At LAX

Thu Jul 06, 2000 1:41 pm

TWA operates as many flights to JFK as DL
TWA operates the only nonstops to SJU and DCA now.
TWA operates 8x daily to STL
TWA operates 1x daily to KOA
TWA will operate 5x daily to the Chautauqua codeshare destinations 5 total = 25 daily flights

TWA stated it is going to be adding additional nonstops to the new focus city and additional Chautauqua destinations.

TWA is rumored to be considering a European feed out of LAX!

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