US A330 Cargo

Fri May 05, 2000 4:11 am

According to US Airways' press release, their A330 has 5,751 cu. ft. of cargo space. This is more than the B777 according to Boeing. How did Airbus squeeze more cargo space out of a smaller plane?

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Fri May 05, 2000 5:13 am

Fundamentally, the 777-200 is not a larger plane than the A330-300.

Length: 209.0 ft.
Wingspan: 197.8 ft.
Height: 55.2 ft.
Fuselage diameter: 18.5 ft.
Cargo Capacity (source USAirways): 5,751 cu ft.
Max Fuel Capacity: 25,765 US Gallons---non standard measurement

B777-200 (A-model/not ER)

Length: 209.1 ft
Wingspan 199 ft. 11 in.
Height: 60.7 ft.
Fuselage width: 19ft 3 in.
Cargo Capacity (source Boeing: 5,656 cu ft.
Max Fuel Capacity: 31,000 US Gallons---non standard measurement

First things first: the two carry almost exactly the same amount of cargo. To start with you've got two planes of roughly equal size (where it counts i.e. length). The A330 holds less fuel and has no center fuel tank despite its lower MTOW. If you look closely at the tail end of an Airbus widebody, you can see that it curves upwards with the last few rows wheras the 777 stays straight and level. A small difference, but it can mean 1 extra LD-3 down there. So the Airbus has a bit more room for pallets/bulk..

Also the cargo hold of a 330 is a good deal taller than that of a 777 because of the Airbus philosophy where cargo comes first and passengers second. This is why the cabin windows are curved upwards at such a ridiculous angle. The cargo floor is moved higher up so the cargo gets a nice ride.

Dont know if any of the above is true, but it seems to make sense  
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RE: US A330 Cargo

Tue May 16, 2000 5:51 am

Actually, Mike, I gave up on this thread.  
I think that people are actually skipping the good points people make, and are focussing on the emotional patriotic and political posts.