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Defunct US Carriers

Sat May 06, 2000 6:15 am

Can anyone provide any info on the following defunct carriers, rmembered form my days of childhood planespotting at PHL?
National (the original)
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RE: Defunct US Carriers

Sat May 06, 2000 6:57 am

I can only help you with 2. Allegheny is now USAirways.
National was bought by Pan Am, which was "Bought" by Delta.

National Airlines

Sat May 06, 2000 7:21 am

Check out

which is a site done by former employees with a heap of nostalgia for ya.
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RE: Defunct US Carriers

Sat May 06, 2000 1:01 pm

By "Yellowbird" you mean Northeast, which was acquired by Delta in 1972.

Purdue Airlines was a "supplemental" (charter) airline owned and operated by Purdue University. They ceased operations in the early '70s, I'm not sure exactly when. The DC-9 simulator and other remnants of the airline are still in use today by Purdue's outstanding aviation program.