Airbus Hollers @ AirTran's Ear

Sat May 06, 2000 6:20 am

One of my clients happened to be a new AirTran FO(Another 'once in a blue moon' instance) fresh from training and he had quite a few things to say about the FL fleet:

-there has been confirmation that AirTran held a phone conversation w/ the people at Airbus. This came from a memo FL employees get.
-AirTran and Boeing have not been having a good relationship ever since the 717 debut. Part of this is that AirTran must use the TWA sim @ St. Louis and they charge- excuse me, rob FL every time FL uses it. Also, Boeing's interest for marketing the 717 have focused to Asia(where there's more money; keep in mind that Boeing sold the 717's to FL at a lower price)

Unconfirmed(FO's opinion):
-AirTran is looking for a medium haul aircraft that seats exactly as much as the current 717. (Obviously this would serve routes such as the ATL-LAX nonstop)
-AirTran may order a few more* 717's from the options OR
-Airbus could purchase all of AirTran's 717 and give AirTran a good number of Airbus narrowbodies (just like Boeing purchased the A340s for the 777s to Singapore in case you didn't remember). Quite frankly I think that would be the nastiest move Airbus could do to Boeing.

*=AirTran's exercising options expiration date is coming up. They currently have 50 on options.
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RE: Airbus Hollers @ AirTran's Ear

Sat May 06, 2000 6:23 am

Everything I have heard about AirTran and the 717 was good. I read from many places that they loved the planes.
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RE: Airbus Hollers @ AirTran's Ear

Sat May 06, 2000 8:08 am

This sounds like posturing from Airtran to get Boeing to negotiate better fees or no fees at all from the 717 sim in STL.