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Good News For SFO And Aviation Security.

Tue Aug 30, 2005 4:03 pm

Having gone through the SFO security checkpoint with Covenant personnel numerous times since 9/11 I have to say I am delighted with SFO's decision. I found Covenant's customer service skills to be far below any of the TSA stations I have worked with or passed through. This, even despite the derogatory comments about TSA you so often hear and occasionally even the less than stellar customer service TSA actually delivers. Also, what this article doesn't mention is that on at least one recent occasion, Covenant management was caught warning it's screeners of an impending TSA test which violated the rules Covenant had agreed to when they took the contract (this was reported locally in the Bay Area a couple months ago.) I am hopeful this will help put the brakes on re-privatization of this important function. It wasn't a good idea before 9/11 and it is definitely a bad idea now.
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