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Flying Grocery Stores??!!

Sat Feb 06, 1999 10:50 am

Hi! One of my pals at school told me that some major grocery store chain had a 747-400 that they used as a FLYING GROCERY STORE!! I kind of hesitate to believe it..... but if you've seen or heard of anything liike that,, please tell me.
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RE: Flying Grocery Stores??!!

Sat Feb 06, 1999 1:43 pm

I would think if anybody did this it would be safeway as they are the largest world wide chain. But I can not imagen many people going to an airport to buy food. And how do they stack there shelves when turbulance hits. I can believe that and grocery stores deliver by planes to store but not a grocery store out of one.
But I must admit while dropping my mum of at LAX to LHR I got a 12 pack of Virgin Cola for free as my mother bounced. So there is a market.