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MSY To Be Closed 30 Days! (Unofficial)

Thu Sep 01, 2005 2:52 am

I just called into JetBlue to see what the deal is with their flights in/out of MSY. I was told that the airport is closed to the public until Sept. 8th, and the airport director says it's most likely that it'll be closed for 30 days. I was also told that it has been turned into a refugee camp and medical center.

My deepest thoughts and prayers go out to those who either live in New Orleans or have friends/family there. I have been trying to contact some old friends from there but all lines are jammed. This is a mess.

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RE: MSY To Be Closed 30 Days! (Unofficial)

Thu Sep 01, 2005 3:05 am

The amyor or governor of LA said it was goig to be completly closed until mid-september..... I am guessing it will open around there to allow emergency planes......Seriously tho, after watching CNN it is not surprised the airport is closed for that long
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RE: MSY To Be Closed 30 Days! (Unofficial)

Thu Sep 01, 2005 3:16 am

It's going to serve as an airlift center in the interim, esp with I-10 being out of service. They're going to need it as a primary base of operations for relief efforts.

Besides, it's not as if tourists are coming, conventions are canceled, and residents themselves can't come back for some time anyhow. Sad.
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RE: MSY To Be Closed 30 Days! (Unofficial)

Thu Sep 01, 2005 3:23 am

You can cut the irony with a knife
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RE: MSY To Be Closed 30 Days! (Unofficial)

Thu Sep 01, 2005 3:26 am

Now they're HOPING to resume service by November. Sad.
"In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem - government IS the problem." - Ronald Reagan

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RE: MSY To Be Closed 30 Days! (Unofficial)

Thu Sep 01, 2005 3:29 am

The big problem at the airport, aside from the fact that there's not much of a city left for it to serve, is that there's essentially no access off the airport grounds.

Interstates are flooded, bridges are flooded, etc.

Commercial flights are all well and good, but there's literally nowhere for people to go, and nowhere for them to come from.

Officially, according to the FAA, they reopen 9/2/05. But that will be for relief and/or official use only.

- litz

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