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USAirways Express/Piedmont Airlines F/A Interview

Fri Sep 02, 2005 8:05 am

I just found out that I got invited to an open interviw session with Piedmont Airlines next week. I'll be interviewing for a flight attendant position......I'm pretty psyched up! Basically, it'll start out as an "information session" ---a few representatives from the company talk to us about the company, the description of the position, benfits package, etc., then each individual applicant goes before everybody else and tells something about him/herself. After that, applicants are chosen for one-on-one interviews, if he/she passes the first part of the session. I was a flight attendant before with another airline, in good standing, so I pretty much know what to expect as far as the position goes. Anything that would be different would probably be the aircraft type........I flew on Saab340s.......Piedmont flies Dash 8s. Can anybody tell me what else I should expect at a Piedmont interview? Are there any Piedmont employees who can give me some pointers? Any information is greatly appreciated! Wish me luck!  optimist   crossfingers 
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