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Bonaire-/CuracaoExel --> Dutch Antilles Express

Tue Sep 06, 2005 7:52 am

Finally some good news again from the Dutch Antilles. The airline fromerly known as Bonairexel/Curacaoexel will now become "Dutch Antilles Express". The 3 aircraft (ATR-42's) have been painted in an all white livery (which also means less heat absorption). Tail logo's will be applied soon.

Sandmann, owner of BonairExel, saved the airline from bankupcy and is now starting this new airline. The on-time performance is getting better, it was 61% in May of this year, in June it climbed to 77,5% and in July it was 89%.
The cancellation rate is also improving, dropping from 10% in May to 1,2% in July.

Recently, they added 2 extra flight, making the total flights between BON and CUR 6 a day. Between CUR and AUA there are now 5 flights a day.

They will also start a new website through which they'll offer cheap tickets and making it easier to book.

This newly rebuilt airline will be a lot stronger than its predecessor. For now, the main goal is to break-even. Flying on time is the 2nd highest priority. And in the future, they're thinking of added some more regional routes (non long haul)

I say this is good news. I hope this airline will succeed.



(sorry, article is in Dutch) Crew - Head Photo Screener