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Why Are The UA E170s Now With Shuttle America?

Wed Sep 07, 2005 8:26 pm

A couple of months ago, I flew on a United Express Embraer 170 IAD-DFW and it was operated by Chautauqua Airlines - it said so on the side of the fuselage and on the safety card in the seat back, and the crew mentioned the name too. Last week I was back in the US and I flew IAD-IAH on a United Express Embraer 170 and it said Operated by Shuttle America on the side on a repainted patch - the E170 is also on the photo database here and it clearly used to have Chautauqua Airlines on the side whereas now its Shuttle America. So, question is, why did such new a/c get moved from Chautauqua Airlines to Shuttle America?


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RE: Why Are The UA E170s Now With Shuttle America?

Wed Sep 07, 2005 8:47 pm

Window dressing. Chautauqua and Shuttle America are both owned by Republic Airways. They had to get the planes off of Chautauqua's certificate so they didn't have to pay substantial fines to American for violating their AmericanConnection contract which forbids them from flying planes with more than 50 seats.
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