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United At MCI In The 70s & 80s

Mon May 08, 2000 10:57 pm

This is for those of you who read the topic last week about US Airways possible hubbing at MCI. I was intrigued by a comment made that United in the early 70s had more flights at MCI than at DEN. I decided to look this up and found out that this is incorrect. Here are United's daily departures from both cities according to some past timetables:

6/11/71 -- DEN 71, MCI 6
9/3/75 -- DEN 77, MCI 6
7/2/80 -- DEN 113, MCI 24
10/31/85 -- DEN 167, MCI 8

Clearly United never had any intention of operating a true hub at MCI. Their only boost in flights appeared right after deregulation, and that turned out to be short lived.

Hope this information proves helpful.