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How Long Before A PNR Number Is Reused

Mon Sep 12, 2005 1:50 am

Hi All,

Oddball question, but I was looking through my boarding passes and bag tags for CO for the past year, and the though occurred to me...

How long before a reservation system reuses PNR numbers, and are PNR numbers used in sequence?

I had assumed that it would be a ~1 year period, but looking at my trip back in march (Continental PNR VKX66Q) and the trip I'm leaving for on Monday (CO PNR V90N**), if PNRs are used in sequence, it would appear that it was more like 6 months).

Also, why is it that CSRs seem suprised when I know the PNR number for my itin but not the flight numbers*... Big grin


* (For example, I know I'm going to IAH at about 3:00 with V90N** on Monday, but don't ask me what flight that is)
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RE: How Long Before A PNR Number Is Reused

Mon Sep 12, 2005 2:35 am

The PNRs are usually purged from the system within 3 days after the last segment is done (at least that's when Sabre throws them out - but I think it's roughly the same on all GDSs).

After that, the filekeys/record locators get reused as soon as they're needed: I had one filekey at work last week for which I've now twice issued a ticket this year, but it was for completely different passengers and completely different itineraries... it was even booked by completely different agencies: in other words, it was a complete coincidence.

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