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New Alaska Airlines Livery

Tue Sep 13, 2005 5:14 pm

Mark your calendars...

Around 2 PM local at SEA on October 1st (a Saturday), an Alaska Air 737-400 will be touching down bearing a brand new special paintscheme. It is claimed to be the most complex livery to be painted on an aircraft to date. Unfortunately I do not know the tail number of the plane.

Because Horizon and Alaska employees have access to a special invite for the comissioning of this bird, I am hoping to be present in the Alaska hangar on this day for the event.

All that can be said about the details is this: "The special paint theme is being kept under wraps until Oct. 1, but it's funded by the Alaska Fisheries Marketing Board, so that should give you a clue as to its theme."

So grab your cameras and hope for good pictures on October 1st!
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RE: New Alaska Airlines Livery

Tue Sep 13, 2005 5:31 pm

Someone started a thread a couple of days ago questioning whether Alaska should redo their paint scheme and/or change their name...I forget the details of the thread, but this is interesting considering most of the feedback to that thread was negative...
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RE: New Alaska Airlines Livery

Tue Sep 13, 2005 6:19 pm

Already being discussed for days now...and it should be 792 if the poster towards the bottom is correct, plane at PAE currently.
Alaska Rolling Out Special Livery Oct 1st (by ASAFA Sep 9 2005 in Civil Aviation)

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