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Feasability Of AA To HK?

Tue Sep 13, 2005 5:52 pm

I was just curious about the possibility of AA ever coming into HKG on a non-codeshare with CX? Dont get me wrong, I love CX a lot, but is there any market for AA to expand any HKG-USA routes using their own fleet? Maybe a stopover to increase loads? Every CX-USA flight I have been on has been overbooked, so the loads should suport this, correct?

My point is that from HKG, CX/AA has flights to LAX, SFO, Vancouver, and JFK. What about a southeast US departure or a BOS-HKG departure? Would that ever happen? I know that in my field, a lot of New Englanders are now working overseas, so I think the demand is definitely there.

Just curious, as I am not the most well-informed and am looking for some more insight.