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More Help Pls

Wed Sep 14, 2005 1:12 pm

Last week in my first post on, I asked for more info re: 1965 crash of CF-CUQ at Dog Creek B.C. Canada. Longhauler said he knew the son of the F.O., I e-mailed for further info, but no response. Several of you referred me to links to airdisaster ( which I already knew ) . ASN Aviation has the same information, but I can find no reference to sources for the conclusions to the investigation.
My memory of that time at YXY says there was a multiple purchase of life policies on one of the pax. ( At that time, one could purchase term life insurance from vending machines conveniently located in most major air terminals ! Talk about a recipe for disaster !)
Anyone help further, or has anyone dug into this one in the past ?
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