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Alitalia In The 70's To South America

Sat Sep 17, 2005 6:50 pm

This is a private question more than anything else.I travel for the first time when I was only 2 yo from EZE to TLV with Alitalia, jun 77.
And I always wonder(because obviously I don't remember) if the aircraft was a DC-8 or maybe a DC-10.I could never find out the answer.I only know(thanks to my parents) that the flight made a stop at Dakkar,so I assume the airplane was a DC-8.
Can somebody give me the answer (after 28 years!).

Thank you.USADream  airplane 
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RE: Alitalia In The 70's To South America

Sun Sep 18, 2005 2:51 am


I remember during late 70's early 80's that Alitalia operated to South America via LIS using the DC-10-30, never saw DC-8's around at that time, before the DC-10 came Alitalia indeed flew with DC-8's to South America via LIS too. The only time I remember seeing Alitalia switching from DC-10 to DC-8-62 was when the DC-10 was grounded after the terrible accident at Chicago. Then LIS for a brief moment was like the 60's, take a look to this:

LH - Used the 707-300B/C's for South America
VIASA - Used the DC-8-63 from Venezuela to LIS
Swissair - Used the DC-8-62 to South America
VARIG - All flights were operated with 707 and I even saw PP-VJJ a 707-441!!
Alitalia - Used the DC-8-62 to South America
SAS - Continued to use the DC-8-62 and sometimes the DC-8-63 to South
America, latter they used the DC-10-30

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